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    New Zealand Shammy
  2. OCFishGuy
    OCFishGuy Mattamuskeet
    Hello Bill,

    I came across an old post from you

    "The PCM 4140 uses the 2555 cc Mitsubishi engine. Do you have an engine manual and parts manual for it? If you don't, send me your email address and I will send you both. "

    I have just recently purchased a 1987 170 CC with the Mitsubishi 4140 motor. Is there a way you could email me the manuals to


    Bruce Hallstrom
  3. HerbertAlona
  4. Makai
    Makai TaylorMcM
    I have sent you a text that should have
    ' 5 pics interior shots and engine. The bow {cabin} has custum Fcushions'.Also many extras coast guard safety kit

    life jackets
  5. james liberi
    james liberi Quik Fix
    I assume you are talking about the three props and one shaft, i would do 50.00 each 200.00 package for all , the shaft shows some cuttless wear but deffinet ly usable can you arrange p/u in nj.
  6. Deep Diver
    Deep Diver LuckyCharmLC
    I may also be interested in the rail....
  7. Deep Diver
    Deep Diver LuckyCharmLC
    Please email me at when you get this message. I am desperately still looking for a Pulpit......
    1. LuckyCharmLC
      I do still have the pulpit
      Oct 13, 2017
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  8. Shamrock17
    for sale agian :) 941-809-8360
  9. fourcs
    fourcs Old pine
    Hi old pine , I lived on Pine Island for a few years . how did you make out with IRMA ?
    1. Old pine
      Old pine
      We all did good. I was planning on staying on the island for the hurricane during the storm but left at the last minute and went inland. Only to get hit by the eye inland. I run a marina out here tho so I was able to strap my boat to our forklift so she couldn't fall off the rack and the boat made it thru untouched
      Sep 12, 2017
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  10. Deep Diver
    Deep Diver LuckyCharmLC
    Do you still have a pulpit for a 26' shamrock for sale?