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  1. Quik Fix
    Quik Fix Robert Daber
    shafts, all small letters and no puncuation
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  2. Alvette2003
    The Shamrock was loaded onto the trailer today and transported to storage waiting for the trip north to the repair facility
  3. jbarrios
    1989 20’ Predator
  4. Jerry Wade
    Jerry Wade Quik Fix
    I just purchased a 1988 Grand slam and am looking for some direction. It is a project that I am looking forward to restoring. No manuals and was told to see if you could help give some direction in restoration.
  5. Alvette2003
    Just purchased the boat and currently having the trailer made so I can take it with me
  6. Columbia
    On the accessory wiring block the positive
  7. Columbia
    1989 20' Fisherman. Original owner
  8. Bryan Lee
    Bryan Lee
    Shamrock 20 owner.
  9. ARGO
    ARGO Ship
    Pumps went in the mail yesterday, tracking # avail.
  10. Ship